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20MY Kawasaki W800 STREET introduced in India at a launching price of INR 7,99,000/-

India Kawasaki Motors Pvt. Ltd. (IKM) announces, the 1966’s successor – the all new Kawasaki W800 STREET is IKM’s latest addition to our retro line-up of motorcycles increasing our product width. The W800 STREET will be available in one colour – Metallic Flat spark black/Metallic Matte Graphite grey at an ex-showroom price of INR 7,99,000/-.
‘W’ Evolution: W1 was the largest-displacement Japanese model at times in the market, and played a major part in establishing the image of Kawasaki as a manufacturer of large-displacement motorcycles, and is the foundation of W series. The W series made its presence in the Kawasaki family, and inspired the birth of the legendary machines such as the Kawasaki Z1 and Ninja H2 sportbikes. The novel design was a bold statement, in stark contrast to the subdued tones of other Japanese motorcycles. With the W1, Kawasaki gained worldwide recognition as a big-bike manufacturer.
IKM brings “W800 STREET” for Indian market to allow customer feel the same heritage of old times in aggregation with sense of pride of ownership, with high-quality detailed touches like its many solid-looking metal parts, and a unique engine pulse that is matched to a satisfying exhaust note, resulting in a fun-to-ride machine. The sleek sweeping contours and meticulous fit and finish of the W800 STREET has redefined the standards of motorcycle design. The motorcycle is developed for riders who are in search for not only rich in history and character, but also packed with modern technology and handling features, the W800 STREET is powered by an air-cooled 773cc vertical twin engine, and feature an updated modern double-cradle frame design and modern suspension components that bring an unmatched level of authenticity and performance to the retro motorcycle category.
Highlights of 20MY W800 STREET are:
• Iconic W1 Inspired Styling
• Comfortable Riding Position
• 773cc Air-Cooled Vertical Twin Engine
• Crafted exhaust note emphasising 360º crankshaft
• Kawasaki Advanced Dynamic Analysis Designed Frame
• Round LED headlamp
• Lightweight Sporty Handling
• Assist & Slipper Clutch
• Sculpted fuel tank
• Elegant muffler design
W800 STREET in India will entice all the retro lovers of country who prefer- in day simply riding a big bike is enough to turn heads and earn the respect of fellow riders and pedestrians alike. For riders who prefer a leisurely ride, with the throbbing pulse and throaty roar of an air-cooled Vertical Twin engine, W800 STREET will be a proper select and will fulfil the thrust of masculinity.
Kawasaki motorcycles possess both power and grace so are often recognised as being different to other bikes. This results from certain guiding principles adopted at the design stage. Rideology is Kawasaki’s rider-centric development philosophy focused on how the riding experience offered by a Kawasaki is crafted, ensuring that our machines are fun to ride and rewarding to control. This approach has been the force behind many of our legendary machines, and in our pursuit of all possibilities it will continue to guide the future creation of Kawasaki motorcycles.
We expect W800 STREET will propel the retro riders to enjoy the Kawasaki’s legacy of 60’s and who are waiting for good things to happen, now can contact their nearest Kawasaki dealers for booking related information or send a booking enquiry on the website of India Kawasaki Motors.

Premium features are:
• Large diameter front fork, dual rear shock absorber
• ø 320mm front disc, ø 270mm rear disc
• Aluminium spoke wheels
• Relaxed vintage style riding position
• 5 way adjustable clutch lever, 4 way adjustable brake lever
• Simple design for Customizable front fender
• Retro style instrument panel.
• 2 analog dial of speedometer and tachometer
• Multifunctional LCD screen.
• Compact switch gears
• Twin exhaust with elegant construction.
New W800 STREET will be introduced in one colour, Metallic flat spark black/Metallic matte graphite grey, with a launching price tag of 7,99,000/-. Customers can book New W800 STREET at the authorized dealership of IKM and customers can expect the delivery of the bike by mid of August 2019. As this bike will be produced in limited numbers in first lot, the bookings will be closed after reaching targeted numbers.


  1. Really good news I am eager ly waiting for w 250/w175 cc . Please let us know is there any plan to introduce those model in India?

  2. Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings to you. This is one good news that I have been waiting for a very long time. I have followed this Model for over 3 years now, since the W800 Classic model was on display in Pune way back in 2016.
    The chrome bits and brushed aluminium engine, aluminium rims, fuel tank, mirrors, handle bars, fenders that do not curve downwards and the minimalist instrument cluster are missing. This does not do justice when compared to the W Series models currently available in neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.
    I would like to see Kawasaki India, offer BUILD your own W800, that can be custom built. I am sure this model will last a life time and many young college youths and young couples would like to buy one as a family motorcycle. With the cost of fuel and density of traffic on Indian roads, a person would rather choose to commute by a motorbike instead of a four wheel car and get stuck in traffic.
    I personally would like to wait for the launch of the W800 Classic with Racing Green/Royal Blue colour.
    I congratulate the Management for making a smart decision to launch the W Series, in India.
    Kind regards, Joe
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greetings to you
    Please share info on the W800 Classic , Racing Green
    I would like to see this model in India as well!
    This is a motorcycle that will stay in the family and handed down generations, I will be one of the first customers to place a firm order for the W800 Classic, Racing Green!
    Please intimate me when this is possible

    Kind regards,
    Joe De Nazareth
    Abu Dhabi UAE

  4. If u can launch bykes which are launched in out side the country features with some what lesser prices compared to compitator ur sale of bikes will be higher and u can achieve ur target

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