Ninja 1000SX Pannier System 56L GY1 -

Ninja 1000SX Pannier System 56L GY1

Quick release 56 litre pannier system that will hold most full-face helmets. Panniers attach to design handgrips and footrest and give a clean sporty look when removed. Bike ignition key also fits pannier locks. Narrow mounting width of just 92.5cm.
(Can not be combined with topcase)

System consists of 5 partnumbers:
1- Pannier Set
2- Pannier Cover Set (Color)
3- Deco Stripe Kit (Color)
4- Lock Cylinder Set
5- Bag fitting kit

For MY16 and ealier is also required:
6- Handgrips

7- Inner bag set

Inner Bag Set for 28L Panniers
100LUU0004 /Ninja 1000 SX

Lock Cylinder Set (2 locks)
99994-0407 /Ninja 1000 SX

Pannier Covers Metallic Diablo Black (17K)
99994-0422-17K /Ninja 1000 SX

Deco Stripe Kit (17K Metallic Diablo Black)
99994-0423-17K /Ninja 1000 SX

Deco Stripe Kit (60R Emerald Blazed Green)
99994-0423-60RA /Ninja 1000 SX

Bag fitting kit Z1000SX MY17-
99994-0867 /Ninja 1000 SX

Pannier Set 2x28L
99994-0922 /Ninja 1000 SX