Pannier Kit 2x28L |

Pannier Kit 2x28L

Quick-release 56 litre pannier system that will hold most full-face helmets. Panniers attach to the factory handgrips and give a clean look when removed. Features our One-Key System: the bike ignition key also fits the pannier locks.

System consists of 5 partnumbers:
1- Pannier Set
2- Pannier Fitting Kit
3- Pannier Cover Set (Color)
4- Deco Stripe Kit (Color)
5- Lock Cylinder Set

Optional items:
Pannier Protection Foil – to protect the colored panels from scratches and scuffmarks
Pannier Inner Bags – for convenience especially during multi-day tours

Inner Bag Set for 28L Panniers
100LUU0004 /Versys 650

Lock Cylinder Set (2 locks)
9999-0407 /Versys 650

99994-042236T /Versys 650

Pannier Covers (51P Candy Lime Green Type 3)
99994-042251PA /Versys 650

Pannier Covers (54X Pearl Blizzard White)
99994-042254X /Versys 650

DECO STRIPE KIT 36T Covert Green Metallic
99994-042336T /Versys 650

Deco Stripe Kit (51P Candy Lime Green Type 3)
99994-042351PA /Versys 650

Pannier Fitting Kit
99994-0537 /Versys 650

Protection kit for panniers
99994-0653 /Versys 650

Pannier Set 2x28L
99994-0922 /Versys 650