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Tire warmer set Comp NMX (Black-Green)

Tire warmer set comp NMX
207TYR0003 /Ninja ZX-10R
Tire warmer sets similar to the ones used by the KRT superbike team. Tire warmers with carbon-fibre heating technology. This gives fast heating of tire and rim without local overheating and a constant temperature. The sides of the tire warmer reach far over the rim flange keep the heat inside. This way the pressure of the tyre is stabilized. A high precision thermostat ensures a target temperature of 80-85 °C.
At an ambient temperature of 20 °C, it takes approx. 35 minutes to reach a tyre temperature of 80-85 °C and a rim temperature of approx. 40°C.
The tire warmers are equipped with a red indicator LED to indicate the active heating mode. Sidewalls made of high quality heat-resistant ‘NOMEX for optimum reliability. A central velcro flap and elastics integrated at the side enable easy and fast assembly and disassembly.
Connection is 1.8 m power cable, with Euro plug.
Suitable for front 120-17″ and rear 195-200-17″ tires.