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Rea Doubles Up His Win Tally On The New Ninja ZX-10R

Once again Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes were well in the leading mix at the FIM Superbike World Championship round in Phillip Island. On the new Ninja ZX-10R Rea finally took his second win of the new season – and the championship lead of 14 points. Tom led for ten laps of the 22-lap race but two incidents pushed him back to sixth place, for sixth overall ranking in the championship.

From their front row starting positions both KRT riders made good starts with Rea aiming for his second race win of the year and Superpole winner Sykes looking for his first.

Rea led more than once and confirmed his pace in the final laps, winning the race by an eventual 0.831 seconds after Chaz Davies had fallen while trying to pass Jonathan on turn four. Rea made his escape count as Davies restarted to finish tenth, and the Kawasaki rider scored a second win of the opening weekend.

Sykes pushed away up front in race two today but was unable to make a clean break, meaning Rea was right back with him by the end of the fifth lap, followed by a pack of riders. On lap 11 Sykes dropped three positions to fourth in one corner, running wide after missing a gear, with Rea taking the lead for the first time.

After a tangle with eventual third place rider Davide Giugliano Sykes was dropped back again, regrouping and pushing on to a final sixth place, 3.320 seconds from the win.

The second round of the new season will take place in Buriram, Thailand, between the 11th and 13th of March.

Jonathan Rea stated: “It is incredible. We had two really composed races this weekend. I just did my thing and was very patient in both races at the beginning. Today I knew that Chaz would make a move again, a copybook story from yesterday, but he came through when there was no space, went completely wide and, unfortunate for him, he made a mistake. The set-up changes we made between yesterday and today means the team gave me a bike that was quite easy to ride and I was more ready for attacks. Not just in T4 but in many areas. I thank my team for that. We played the strategy game here in Phillip Island and it really paid off. I feel that we are working at around 85-90% of the potential of the machine and I am really proud to give Kawasaki these two wins on the new bike.”

Tom Sykes stated: “We are definitely knocking on the door in terms of our showings at Phillip Island. I felt really comfortable in race two up until lap ten. Going into the hairpin I struggled on the downshift. I missed gear and ran off the track. Unfortunately, on that lap I lost 1.6 seconds. A couple of laps later Giugliano and I came together and I lost another 1.6 seconds. Overall, we made a couple of small changes to the bike for today and I felt much, much more comfortable. Unfortunately I was not in the correct track position in the last five laps of the race. I am happy for the progress we have made and it something we can take forward. I have never been great here, for some reason, because I love the place.”

Roman Ramos (GO Eleven Kawasaki) scored another set of points for 12th place today, with the final point from the second race of the weekend heading to 15th placed Sylvain Barrier (Pedercini Racing Kawasaki). Dominic Schmitter was once again 16th and Pedercini Racing’s Saeed Al Sulaiti 17th for the second time in two days.

World Superbike Champion visits Kawasaki Factory

Reigning World SBK Champion, Jonathan Rea, recently visited the Kawasaki’s Akashi plant near Kobe in Japan as a VIP guest.
A tour was organised so that the 29 year old Irishman could meet, greet and thank as many Kawasaki executives, managers and staff as possible for their assistance in helping him and the Ninja ZX-10R equipped Kawasaki Racing Team achieve the top ranking in the World Superbike Championship. This is the story – in words and pictures – of his tour.

KHI – Jonathan what does a visit like this represent to you?
JR – I lead a busy life with my racing and testing commitments plus my wife and I have recently celebrated the birth of our second child. That said, I relish any chance I get to meet people from the Kawasaki family – especially those at the factory who play a part in making the dream of racing success become reality.
The link between KHI and the Kawasaki Racing Team is close in terms of development and feedback. Anyone can see how strong that bond is and the evidence for Kawasaki fans is the new Ninja ZX-10R created as part of that partnership.
We see perhaps one or two KHI engineers at each race. They represent a much larger group of people that create racing engine parts and chassis components and also special one-off assemblies for either my machine or that of Tom Sykes, my team mate.
I saw this visit as a chance to thank everyone in person for their efforts and to share the pride of Kawasaki achieving rider, team and manufacturer world championship honours in 2015.

KHI – You met Mr.Kenji Tomida, President of Kawasaki’s Motorcycle and Engineering Company– tell us about this meeting.
JR – It’s not every day you meet someone so senior at Kawasaki and I know he is a really busy person. I was honoured that he took time out of his day to talk to me. He displayed a deep knowledge of racing and how important the overall programme is in terms of success at the race track. He also stressed the importance that our racing programme has to customers along with its engineering benefits.
I only started racing the Ninja ZX-10R in 2015 and achieved my goal of winning the World Superbike Championship. To be invited to KHI and then meet Mr.Tomida reinforced the feeling that I am now part of the global Kawasaki family.

KHI – You also visited parts of the Akashi complex during your tour and did some work in the wind tunnel, tell us about that.
JR – The Akashi plant is huge, in fact it’s hard to imagine how vast it is and the area it covers. Just one of the many buildings houses the wind tunnel. It’s a place I am familiar with having tested various possible upgrades and aerodynamic solutions there in the past. As part of this visit I helped test some new ideas as well as having the time to thank the wind tunnel staff for their work.
The room itself is very large and the motorcycle is rigidly mounted in front of a flume that produces the charge of air. In racing we are always looking for that extra edge – however small – to gain an advantage. In the case of aerodynamics we need to find ways of making the rider and motorcycle cut through the air with the least resistance possible.
This can mean small differences in how I position my feet, how I adopt a racing crouch when attacking a long straight on the track or even the depth of the seat foam I sit on; they all make a difference and combined could add up to more speed and the ability to make a pass for position so the reward is very tangible. The cowling of the 2016 KRT Ninja ZX-10R and road going model were developed here and the value of the wind tunnel cannot be underestimated.

KHI – It’s rare for guests to visit the motorcycle production line, what sort of feedback did you get from the Akashi production line staff?
JR – I love engineering so I really appreciated the factory tour. I was with my KRT crew chief, Pere Riba and we witnessed the whole production process from start to finish. That began with robots and automated vehicles selecting or transporting parts to the production area and then seeing motorcycles being made.
The number one priority is quality control and efficiency so we had to be careful and respect the fact that the production line was a working environment. When we got a chance to speak to assembly team supervisors and production line staff I was really pleased that so many of them recognised me. They knew so much about racing and many spoke really good English.
We got close to a Ninja ZX-10R at the end of the production line and gave staff there some T shirts as gifts which they really appreciated. After this we went to one of the quality control areas to see some completed motorcycles being checked and tested. It was really impressive, the standards are so high and the quality control is amazing. The story of how a motorcycle starts as parts and is then assembled and made ready for delivery to a customer is fascinating. The quality level is so high.

KHI – You were guest of honour at several gatherings at the Akashi plant, tell us about those.
JR – Yes I was lucky enough to meet many people in these informal gatherings. It was great to speak to staff from the Racing and R&D departments. The people I met all follow racing closely and I now know a lot of engineers by name. They understand that I am a real motorcycle enthusiast and love riding motocross too on my KX450-F. It was a fun occasion and I made a speech along with Mr.Ondo of KHI and my crew Chief Pere Riba. I really appreciated these gatherings and also the special gift that I received from Mr.Tomida.

KHI – Tell us about this gift from KHI Jonathan
JR – I have to say I was not expecting a gift so it did come as quite a surprise I have to admit. Mr.Tomida very generously presented me with an authentic replica of a Samurai helmet in a presentation case in recognition of achieving the World Superbike title with KRT in 2015.
The quality and workmanship is amazing and perhaps only fitting after what I witnessed in the factory in terms of precision and attention to detail. I have a plan to create a special place for my most treasured trophies and awards. This gift from KHI is at the centre of that plan and will take pride of place in the display to remind me of a very special moment in my racing career so far.

KHI – Finally Jonathan, please tell us about the other areas of KHI that you had some insight into during your time at Akashi.
JR – To be honest it’s is almost too much to take in during such a brief visit. I took the chance to see exhibits in a museum area that represented the breadth and heritage of Kawasaki shipbuilding enterprises that stretches back to the origins of the company.
It does not stop there though; things like rolling stock, aircraft and civil engineering projects such as the Akashi suspension bridge nearby are evidence of the scale of KHI engineering skill. I stood next to a Boing 787 engine made in partnership with Rolls-Royce aerospace which towered over me.
This made me realise that my efforts on the racetrack – along with the combined efforts of all the engineers, production line staff and countless others – combine to create the Kawasaki family that I am proud to say I now feel very much part of.

Thank you Jonathan Rea, 2015 World Superbike Champion.

Rea, Sykes Fifth And Seventh After First Day In Thailand

FIM Superbike World Championship riders for KRT, Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes, made their first laps around the Chang International Circuit in Buriram today aboard their new Ninja ZX-10R machines. On a track surface which proved inconsistent in places they placed fifth and seventh respectively after the first two qualifying sessions, being more concerned with race preparations in hot conditions than going for a fast time.

Under the new rules for the 2016 season they now have just one more 15-minute session before Superpole 2 qualifying starts, and then race one is scheduled at 16.00 hrs local time on Saturday 12th March.

With this new schedule in mind all preparations were on evaluating tyre choices and machine set-up, to face the first of two 20-lap WSBK races in what should again be high track and air temperatures.

After track resurfacing work had been carried our recently there were three patched sections of track that proved to be more slippery than the rest, making for a reduction in pace relative to last year for all riders and modifying some aspects of pre-race planning.

Rea concentrated his efforts on building for the races in three long stints. He even sat out the first 40 minutes or so of the first session as track conditions were so inconsistent.

Sykes used some of his two hours of track time evaluate a few set-up items in preparation for the first race on Saturday and declared himself pleased with the outcome of this strategy.

Jonathan Rea stated: “I made three long runs today and no in-outs. The difficult part about today is that the tarmac is so dirty in some areas. I am happy we did almost a full race simulation but I had to come back to the pits with four laps to go, which was not ideal. Aside from the grip level I am enjoying riding here, the circuit layout and just being back here. Last year the bike set up we brought from Phillip Island we did not have to change so much in Thailand. It seems that although the track is completely different here, the Phillip Island settings work quite well again. We have gone a little softer today to try and find grip in the slippy conditions but as more rubber goes down on the track it is going to get faster and faster. It is easy to get lost so we will be patient and check the conditions again in the first practice session tomorrow.”

Tom Sykes stated: “We have quite a good set-up. We were just trying two or three things in the last part of the second session and sacrificed lap time for this. Now our questions have been answered for tomorrow so we know where to go on the set-up and then we need to focus on pace. In the last ten minutes we kept the same tyre on the bike and tried some new things. We can go to sleep and know with 98% certainty what bike set-up we will go with in the race tomorrow.”

Sylvain Barrier (Pedercini Racing Kawasaki) was next best Kawasaki qualifier, in 15th place. Go Eleven Kawasaki rider Roman Ramos was 17th with Pedercini Racing Kawasaki rider Saeed Al Sulaiti 21st from 25 riders.

Rea And Sykes Dominate The First Thai Race

KRT challengers Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes shared the lead for all 20 laps of the first FIM Superbike World Championship race at Buriram in Thailand between them, with Rea finally running out the winner by only 0.222 seconds from his team-mate. A strong showing from the new Ninja ZX-10R saw championship leader Rea and now third ranked Sykes finish over nine seconds from the next closest rider.

With high air temperatures of 34°C evident during the contest at the 4.554km long Chang International Circuit the race was hard work for all, but it was the KRT pairing who held the advantage after all the laps had been completed.

Despite the slippery track surface in some areas, causing the riders to take unusual lines at those points, Rea’s race time was better than his equivalent 2015 season win. He set the fastest lap of the race on lap 14, as he chased down Sykes and then passed him.

This was Rea’s third win in succession on the new Ninja, giving him a perfect 75 points after three races, with one more 20-lap race in Thailand to go tomorrow, Sunday 13th.

There was a glimmer of a chance for Sykes to pull back and pass Rea on the final laps today, particularly when a backmarker impeded Jonathan. Despite Tom drawing close to Rea on an inside line into the final corner Jonathan had done enough to make sure the race victory would be his.

Sykes led for 14 laps as he and his machine showed a marked level of race-long improvement in pace compared to the opening round in Australia last month. This was Tom’s first podium of the year and the 20 points he earned today put him third in the overnight championship order, with 41.

Both Kawasaki riders feel that there are even more improvements to come from their Ninja ZX-10R machines over race distance for race two tomorrow, based on their positive experiences today.

Jonathan Rea stated: “The pace was fast; I did not expect it to be so fast as all weekend we have been slower than last year. So it was a good, fast race. I put my head down and with four laps to go I got a small gap of about 0.7 or 0.8 seconds on Tom. On the final laps I got caught out in the first turn by another rider but it was not so much. I had done all my work by then as I had completely emptied my tank with about four laps to go to try and get away. I am a little bit tired now because I went full gas in those last four laps. We were able to capitalise on that work and I feel like I rode for a stronger win than I have had for a long time. Tomorrow, I expect my bike set-up will be much stronger.”

Tom Sykes stated: “I am quite happy with that because compared to last year we made a much stronger race. Unfortunately I was struggling in two or three corners, which gave away a lot of advantage. Jonathan was riding very well and on the last laps he was strong but we were also strong at that stage compared to previous races. This is a positive and the gap was not so big to the winner. We have a much better feeling, so this is a good step. The Ninja ZX-10R was working consistently and we had some great lap times, so we’ll see how it goes next race. We need to try and improve for tomorrow but as a start that was quite acceptable. I am disappointed not to win on one hand but we have had a big improvement on the other hand. We are working in the right direction.”

Roman Ramos (Team GOELEVEN Kawasaki) placed 12th in race one, while Pedercini Team Kawasaki riders Sylvain barrier and Saeed Al Sulaiti were 16th and 17th respectively, just missing out on championship points. Dominic Schmitter (Grillini Racing Team) was 19th.

Kawasaki To Be Present In Goa During February 17-19, 2016 To Support Kawasaki Owners

Kawasaki will be present in Goa during February 17-19, 2016 with a set up service camp to provide technical support to all Kawasaki Owners riding to Asia’s largest biking festival. It is after all the best place to take in a bit of sun, sand and surf, while looking and listening to motorcycles.

Our service camp will be specially outfitted to fulfill your service requirements. We also welcome you to swing by, even if you do not require service support, and experience two of our new models for 2016. We will be showcasing our latest green beauties — the Ninja ZX-10R* and Ninja ZX-14R*.

Did we also mention free meal coupons?

For further details or any queries, please visit the Showroom Page for contact details.

Ride safe and see you in Goa.

*Conditions Apply.

First Winter Test A Success For KRT And Sykes

Tom Sykes and the official Kawasaki Racing Team completed the first winter test in readiness for the 2016 FIM Superbike World Championship campaign, with positive days of progress and evaluation at Motorland Aragon finishing up today, 29th October. The bulk of the testing was completed towards the end of the three days and Sykes set 72 laps on the final day.

With significant numbers of 2016 season parts being tested on the Ninja ZX-10R at this, the first of many winter tests, the team and KHI now expect to make a greater transition to the full 2016-spec machine at the next tests at Jerez de La Frontera, next week. They will also re-confirm the parts and settings that proved so positive at Motorland.
There were significant improvements in the braking stability and engine performance of the WorldSBK spec race machine around Motorland, even in this first full track test, as lone tester Tom Sykes and his crew worked through almost their entire schedule of work.

On a clear final day, after occasional wet conditions earlier in the tests, Sykes set a best lap time of 1’50.6, a mark which he matched with some consistency throughout. Over the whole test Sykes did 139 laps of the long 5.077km circuit in the north of Spain.

The team now heads right across Spain to test at the Andalusia circuit of Jerez de La Frontera, between 3 and 4 November – this time with new World Champion Jonathan Rea (KRT) joining in after the recent birth of his second child meant he missed the first test at Motorland Aragon.
Tom Sykes stated: “We are heading back in a good direction to something we know. We ironed out some teething problems and got a general feel for things on the opening days and then today, when the sun was out from start to finish, we got our heads down and worked through a whole book of tricks. The team worked overtime today – parts in, parts out – all day. They all worked really efficiently and kept us on track for the maximum time possible. The overall performance of the Ninja ZX-10R at these tests is something that excites me. Overall the lap times were really consistent. The feeling was easier to achieve than I have been used to. It is still early days but this has definitely been a good start to our winter test programme.”

Marcel Duinker, Tom Sykes’ Crew Chief, stated: “Today the weather was stable and although we could not do all the scheduled tests, we completed the most important points. At 5pm we were happy with the results. After three or four steps we knew the direction to go in for the start in 2016. Those three or four steps have given a very clear direction. Tom pushed in the same way every time he went out on track and we were very happy to see the results. He did more than race distance on one set of tyres and was a faster than the previous pace, so we have to be happy with the result. We will always find some more things to improve but after one full day I believe we have already done around 50% of our winter test schedule. Tom did not do a full time attack but on fresh tyres, on his fourth lap, he did a best of 1’50.6. He did that kind of lap time several times.”

Ichiro Yoda, KRT Senior Engineer, stated: “The final day of the test was made in near perfect weather. We almost completed the schedule at this Motorland test and now we will look to the Jerez test to perform some more function tests. We used a mix of materials here, but mostly 2016 parts. Maybe in Jerez we can concentrate almost completely on 2016 material because we expect some other steps. After this first test it looks like engine performance and acceleration is better than in 2015. Braking stability was better also.”

Rea And Sykes Take To Jerez For KRT Winter Test Two

2016 Kawasaki Racing Team riders Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes will take part in their first joint winter test session on 3 and 4 November, at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit in Spain. After Sykes had a very positive testing experience on his own recently at Motorland Aragon the entire team will now take its next step into the forthcoming FIM Superbike World Championship season, with the new and improved 2016 Ninja ZX-10R.

Rea, who was at home for the birth of his second son during the Motorland tests, is keen to get back into action after testing some 2016 parts at a one-day session at Jerez, immediately after winning the 2015 championship in September.
Sykes found real improvements in the 2016 material and machine set-up he tested in Motorland and is now heading to Jerez to make sure he can make the most of the second test on a busy KRT winter schedule.

Jerez is a particularly useful circuit to evaluate machines and parts as its 4.423km layout features a wide variety of corners and elevation changes. Its location in the south west of Spain usually provides the best weather in Europe during the winter months.

Kawasaki and the entire KRT squad will use their full winter test programme to accelerate the final development of the WorldSBK specification Ninja ZX-10R in readiness for the first round of the new season at the end of February in Australia. The race machine will be directly based on the new showroom model that was launched recently in Spain, which in itself features many ideas and design characteristics first developed in the white heat of WorldSBK racing.

Jonathan Rea stated: “I am really excited to get back onto the bike again. I started to test some new components on the bike in Jerez the day after the race in September and right there and then I had a good feeling with the direction things were going in. Speaking to some of the crew and KHI staff about the Motorland test last week they have moved the bike forward. The areas it has improved in should really help me a lot and I want to try the full potential. I am excited because Pere Riba, my crew chief, has worked really hard with the KHI engineers to make the 2016 bike really competitive for me. We will adopt our step-by-step philosophy again, get through the test programme and not get too excited because there is a lot of mileage and riding to be done before the first round in Phillip Island.”

Tom Sykes stated: “The KRT squad has got a quite heavy winter testing schedule, which is good. We are bound to work through our set-up again and in Jerez we have the added bonus of more new material that will be present on our bike for next year. We want to confirm our findings from the Motorland test last time out so we will try them again because we have a good timescale to work with. Jerez and Aragon are quite different racetracks so we will see how the behaviour and character of the bike is in Jerez. A same or similar result will confirm the very good results from the previous Motorland test and set us off in a good direction again for the rest of the winter.”

Guim Roda, Team Manager KRT, stated: “Our main idea is to continue the testing and good way of working with the parts we have received from KHI. It is the right period of the year to test many of the ideas that the team and the crew chiefs had in mind, to try and find new levels of performance. Testing on two different tracks means you can confirm the operation of the parts we have tried already and Jerez it is always good to work on to make these comparisons. We also need to fix and clarify some small points and details on order to decide the information to give to the team’s suppliers, so that we can start the new season in February with the right amount of the correct material. Jonathan will be with us this time after having had a chance to enjoy his private life and the birth of his son.”

Winter Test Three Finishes On A High For KRT Riders

Kawasaki Racing Team pairing Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes made the most of the available track time at Motorland Aragon over a two-day test with the 2016 Ninja ZX-10R while also filming an interview session for the launch of the much anticipated KRT Winter Test Edition of the same bike in its road form at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan.

With some new parts to try, and confirmations being made of some components that have been tested already, both Sykes and Rea collected valuable data for their team crew and KHI to evaluate before the next track sessions, to be held in Jerez de la Frontera next week.

Rea, who rode in the short window of opportunity that appeared late on during day one, after heavy fog and low cloud had prevented any meaningful early action, finally set a best lap of 1’50.3 on day two. It was the fastest lap of the tests.
Sykes and his crew had elected not to do any laps on the first day, given the low track temperatures. He was out as soon as the sun had warmed up the track enough on day two. Tom set his best lap time of 1’51.1 and also tried some new parts, in addition reconfirming some existing components and settings.

Jonathan Rea stated: “We tested engine settings with a little bit different inertia and worked with some weight distribution ideas. We also tried a different rear spring and we confirmed everything was fine. I did some back-to-back comparisons with a new rear tyre that Pirelli had brought. It was like an SC1 family with stronger sidewalls, which gave more stability. For me it was a big step my riding style. We also used the new swing arm we first used in Jerez and we reconfirmed that too.”

Tom Sykes stated: “I am very happy considering the track conditions and the limited amount of testing we had. We have only worked with the hard tyres all day and I am really pleased with the lap times and the consistency. Overall the base seems very good and like always we tried some interesting items today. They were positive in some areas and, although there is still work to be done in other areas, generally we did not touch the bike in terms of set-up. We were just checking the updated 2016 parts. I am really pleased with the performance of them.”

Pere Riba, Jonathan Rea’s Crew Chief, stated: “Like the 2016 Ninja ZX-10R road machine, we have new engine inertia characteristics this year and with that it makes everything work differently, so also the engine management must be different. We have just tried different inertia settings to understand the changes. We are still at the stage of collecting information and now is not the time to set-up the bike to be too sharp. We also tried the new swingarm, rear shock and the big things we have to test. Now we can start to eliminate points and start to build the bike. The lap times were very good and Johnny is very confident. It was a positive test and I am very happy.”

Marcel Duinker, Tom Sykes’ Crew Chief, stated: “Today the morning fog was gone quite fast, the sun came out early and we could start testing this afternoon. The three or four priorities we wanted to test here, which we tried in Jerez last week, we worked with again. We have now confirmed on two tracks that this material has improved our general performance. Not only after one lap but also over race distance. We made a couple of steps on the engine and on the chassis and I am very satisfied with this result.”

Fourth Winter Test For KRT And Second At Jerez

Kawasaki Racing Team riders Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes will embark on their latest winter test sessions, starting on Monday 23 November, riding for the second time at Jerez de la Frontera since the end of the season. 2015 FIM Superbike World Champion Jonathan Rea will start his test one day after attending the FIM Gala at Jerez on Sunday night, where he collects his FIM medal for winning the title in such spectacular form.

The Jerez test schedule for the KRT Squad will be Monday and Tuesday on track, a day of resting and evaluation on Wednesday and then two final days on the circuit again on Thursday and Friday. This will be the last chance for Rea and Sykes, the latter being the 2013 World Champion for Kawasaki, to ride their new 2016 WSBK specification Ninja ZX-10R before the start of the winter test ban period, which runs from early December through to the middle of January.
Both Sykes and Rea lifted their respective world titles at Jerez but this is also a special circuit in terms of what it offers from its layout. With no long straights but many types of corner, and some heavy braking zones thrown in, Jerez is something of an ideal test track.

At the most recent test in Motorland Aragon both riders moved closer to their final choice of race components for the 2016 season, while still carrying out both function and performance tests. That cycle of work should conclude at this test in Jerez, with the next outings in Europe in late January focusing more on race performance at the first scheduled round of the championship in Australia, on February 28th.

The Superbike World Championship calendar has been released now, and features 14 rounds spread over nine months, from February to late October.

Jonathan Rea stated: “Kawasaki and the team have been developing the bike and the next thing for us to focus on at Jerez is my riding position to see if we can achieve a bit more grip, and just more feeling with the bike. Aside from that, we have tested many items so far and we will also test front forks here. We will put all the best items together to work on our performance. I would imagine we would finish this test with some longer race simulations. This is a very important test because we need to be clear and precise in our work to make sure we have the right material at the next ones.”

Tom Sykes stated, “Our base after the recent Motorland tests felt really good and now we need to try and improve some things in all areas. In the last run at Motorland we tried a few things and our consistency appears very good. Overall our tests have been positive. It is really nice to see that the direction we have worked along in the past with the Ninja ZX-10R is the same direction our new improvements are also moving in. We can go to Jerez now to test again with a lot more information, with a lot more track time available, and really try to get closer to a bike set-up that we need to take to Phillip Island.”

Guim Roda, Team Manager KRT, stated: “We start the last test of 2015 here, so this is a significant one. It will also be a long one because we have 2 + 2 days of testing in one week, and the weather looks like it will be very good. We will continue our winter test program in order to fix the best set up possible to start next season in Australia. The introduction of the new Ninja ZX-10R on the market will mean we will have time during the season to continue to improve the race bike, but for sure the most important period is now, in the winter. We are really optimistic of the bike’s potential and we are convinced that the base of new Ninja ZX-10R is even better than the old model. This should make sure our performance will be better this year and that the lap times will be even faster. Marcel, Pere, Yoda-san and all the technical staff of KRT, suppliers, and KHI engineers are working really hard to build an even better WorldSBK Ninja than last year’s.”

Kawasaki Collaborates With IDTR Pune For Road Safety Initiative

Mr. S.Nishikawa (IKM) solicitudes to Mr.Madhavraj (IDTR) and Mr.Swant (Senior Official RTO)

Pune, January 18th, 2016: India Kawasaki Motors (IKM) has been actively conducting Safety Riding Clinics across India, to promote two-wheelers safety. As a part of this activity, IKM organized a clinic at the Institute of Driving Training & Research, Pune (IDTR Pune) on January 16th.

IKM has the skill and knowledge to organize training programs for its customers. All the participants have appreciated the sessions conducted so far, which includes training on risky maneuvers, such as panic braking. The participants have been very cooperative and not a single injury has occurred to date.

Mr. S. Nishikawa, Director of IKM says, “Whatever I have, I want to share if it helps riders. Needless to say, it would not have been possible to organize this clinic without the support from IDTR Pune, and I want to specially mention their involvement, as a note of gratitude.”

IDTR Pune has conducted scientifically engineered training programs to inculcate safety consciousness and safe driving habits in Pune city. Mr. K. Madhavraj, Head of IDTR Pune says, “I’m concerned about the rise in two-wheeler involved accident cases, and have to expand our activity further more especially for the younger generations.”

Both parties further plan activity and lectures to enhance road safety in India.

The Driving Tips given to Bike Riders will be very useful for safe riding.