India Kawasaki Motors Introduces High-End-Mid Model |

India Kawasaki Motors Introduces High-End-Mid Model

  • Unleashes Z800 with aggressive new design
  • Optional accessory parts for protection available

Pune, January 20, 2014: Kawasaki proudly presents the Z800, a naked sport bike that is highly popular in the European market. The aggressive appearance of the front face and the sharp design of body parts make for a style that creates an impact. The great power delivered by the displacement is 806 cm3 and the mature design of the chassis ensures a ride that is more exhilarating than ever. In India, the bike will be imported as completely built units (CBU) from Thailand and will be retailed through the standalone showroom of Kawasaki in Pune, along with the newly established showroom in Delhi. The bikes will be priced at Rs.790,000(ex-Showroom in Pune) and Rs.805,000(ex-Showroom in Delhi) as the introductory price.

Given the freedom to create an un-restrained design for the Z800, designers pursued a much more aggressive and visceral appearance. The Z800 exudes a palpable presence – less a machine and more a living, breathing entity. Numerous street-fighter touches contribute to the more aggressive package.

With its larger displacement, the Z800 engine offers increased performance throughout the powerband range. The greater performance is especially noticeable in the low-mid range, adding to greater everyday usability as well increased riding exhilaration. Shorter final gearing complements the new engine character and emphasizes the Z800’s stronger acceleration. With a responsive liquid-cooled engine and an efficient 4-valve, DOHC cylinder head, it displaces 806 cm3 from a bore and stroke of 71.0 x 50.9 mm. With the bore increased from 68.4 mm to 71.0 mm, the new engine offers greater performance at all rpm.

The use of a cast aluminum engine sub-frame allows the front engine mounts to be positioned behind the cylinder, close to the engine’s centre of gravity. This reduces engine vibration transmitted to the rider (particularly at the handlebars), greatly contributing to ride quality. The engine sub-frame also allows the main frame construction to be slimmer, and contributes to the optimized rigidity balance.

Mr. Yuji Horiuchi, MD, India Kawasaki Motors said, “Many people have been involved with this Z800 introduction project. We would first, thank our partner Bajaj Auto for the incessant support in setting up this business. And also we thank customers who have supported our brand from various aspects. Your suggestion, insight and request have set us forward to further step and commitment to the market.” IKM’s initial target for sales is 250 units per year. IKM is expecting to introduce 1-2 models further in this year to strengthen the Kawasaki line-up.

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