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Extended Warranty

1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year
Standard Warranty (36,000 Kms)Extended Warranty (14,000 Kms)
Total 50,000 kms


  • The warranty begins from the date of sale of the vehicle to the first owner.
  • The sale date is considered as start date for the warranty period.
  • Standard warranty is valid up to 36 months or 36,000 kms
  • Extended warranty is valid up to additional 12 months

EW Terms & Conditions

  • Standard Warranty period is valid up to 36 months or 36000 kms, whichever comes early.
  • If Customers skips the Schedule Periodic Maintenance, Extended warranty shall be lapsed.
  • This Extended Warranty does not apply to Motorcycle used of hire and reward, or for any kind of competition, race or for attempting to setup any kind of record.
  • All claims must be supported by the relevant documentation. The company reserves the right to examine the Motorcycle and subject it to expert assessment and to nominate a repairer. The result of the assessment will determine the liability subject to the claimable limits.
  • Services must be completed as per the service schedule (correct time/s and mileage/s). Failure to service the motorcycle in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule will render the policy invalid. The vehicle that has not been serviced by IKM authorized dealer as per the service schedule or which have not been operated or maintained in accordance with instructions mentioned in coverage.
  • Failure to maintain the odometer, mileage recorder in working order or disconnecting it or tampering with it will invalidate this warranty. The mileage quoted in no way guarantees the true distance covered by the motorcycle, and is indicated only as a guide to when servicing is due.
  • The Extended Warranty has no surrender value and it cannot be cancelled. The Extended Warranty is transferable to new owner at the time of reselling the Motorcycle.
  • No liability will be accepted for damage caused by neglect, corrosion, Intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, lack of servicing, overheating, freezing due to negligence of customer of abuse by the continued use of Motorcycle after a fault has become evident or for consequential loss or the failure of parts not covered by the Policy.
  • Parts of the motorcycle that have been altered, Misuse, Accident, and Negligence or modified or replaced in unauthorized manner, and which in the sole judgment of IKM affects its performance and reliability. No liability will be accepted for any failure due to wear and tear, components incorrectly fitted and alterations/modifications from the manufacturer’s specification are done. Normal wear and tear components. that is, Bulbs, Fasteners, Shims, Washers, Oil Seal, Rubbers/Plastic or Glass Components, Gaskets, Rubber tubes & hoses, Spark Plug, All burnt & tampered parts, Oil filter, Air filter, Tire, Tube, Brake Shoe/Pad, Brake Drum, Seat, Locks, Luggage Box, Winker Bulbs, Head light & Tail light Assy., Battery, Tools, Labels & Emblems, Sari step etc. Any natural wear and tear including without limitation ageing etc. Any vehicle on which parts or accessories not approved by India Kawasaki Motors Pvt. Ltd. has been used.
  • If the customer undertakes a claim, knowing the claim to be false and or fraudulent as regards the value of the amount of work or cause of failure or otherwise, the Extended Warranty shall be deemed to be invalid. Failure to comply with these formalities and conditions may lead to a refusal to pay the claim.
  • Extended warranty follows the guidelines, as mentioned in Warranty Book.
  • K-Care is not trasferrable from motorcycle to motorcycle in case of total loss of the vehicle
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