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Introducing K-CARE

To strengthen the bond with our beloved customers Kawasaki presents K-CARE, which consist of Extended Warranty (EW) & Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with never heard benefits. We have come with three new service product for New Kawasaki customers. [K-CARE = EW+ AMC]

*Currently K-CARE, EW and AMC product is available for the following Eliminator,Ninja 300,Ninja 400,Ninja 500,Ninja 650,Ninja H2 SX,Ninja H2 SX SE,Ninja ZX-10R,Ninja ZX-4R,Ninja ZX-6R,Versys 650,Vulcan S,W175,Z 650,Z 650 RS,Z 900,Z 900 RS,Z H2,Z H2 SE customer only.
*Any repair/replacement apart from AMC Service will not be covered in the package.
*Claims and repairs/replacement related to Accidents or Accidental repair work etc is not covered under AMC.
*Terms and Conditions Apply

K-Care can be used in any Kawasaki Authorized Service Center PAN INDIA

3 Years Standard Warranty


1 Years Extended Warranty

Annual Maintenance Contract

4 years of Periodic Maintenance Covered

One Time Investment

Cost Savings

K-Care = EW + AMC

  • Across India Validity
  • 1 Year Extended Warranty (Total 4
    year Warranty)
  • 50,000 Km from date of purchase
  • Transferable to new customer if
    motorcycle resale
  • Enhances resale value of your
  • Across India Validity
  • Saving on Service Cost on Eight
    Preventive Maintenance Service
    for 4 years
  • Kawasaki Genuine Oil change
    eight times
  • Genuine Spare Parts
  • Transferable if motorcycle resale
  • Enhances resale value of your

Note:K-CARE,EW and AMC

  • K-CARE, EW and AMC need to be purchased on same date of sales invoice or before 1st service / 30 days from the date
    of sales invoice
  • Old Motorcycle and Motorcycle sold in market are not eligible for the K-CARE, EW and AMC.
  • K-CARE, EW and AMC do not consist of Roadside Assistance (RSA)
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K Care Price list

K Care is cheaper than paying for individual services and protect servicing costs against any future rise in price.



Authorised servicing with Kawasaki GENUINE PARTS is proven to help maintain residual value, and it is fully transferable to new owners on resale. Kawasaki Customers can benefit from added services, such as bike wash, bike health check and much more.


ModelK-CAREEW+Service Cost (8 Services)K-Care SavingsDiscount %
Ninja ZX-4RR66000792101321015%
Ninja 3004360052391879115%
Ninja 4004850058034953415%
Ninja 5004750056782928215%
Ninja 6504650055588908815%
Ninja H2 SX1150001381712317115%
Ninja H2 SX SE1180001405312253115%
Ninja ZX-10R73500882331473315%
Ninja ZX-4R64500777941329415%
Ninja ZX-6R69000832331423315%
Versys 6504450053187868715%
Vulcan S4450053197869715%
Z 6504500053943894315%
Z 650 RS4300051629862915%
Z 90070000836821368215%
Z 900 RS67500805101301015%
Z H2990001179871898715%
Z H2 SE1070001280882108815%