Ray The fifth double win this season! Sykes is on the podium finish 3rd in race 1. And, Kawasaki's Manufacturers' title was also confirmed, and three consecutive crown was achieved for 3 consecutive years! | Kawasaki-india.com

Ray The fifth double win this season! Sykes is on the podium finish 3rd in race 1. And, Kawasaki’s Manufacturers’ title was also confirmed, and three consecutive crown was achieved for 3 consecutive years!

The 12th round of the Spain tournament was held at Jerez circuit for three days from October 20th to 22nd. At the previous race in France, Jonathan Ray (Kawasaki Racing Team) won the first consecutive championship in championship history. In addition, the team title won for three consecutive years, Kawasaki Racing Team achieved two crown this season.

Jerez was blessed with weather for three days. Ray who was released from all the pressure by winning the champion, showed out the elongation run. A few weeks passed since we became a champion and a few weeks passed since we finally settled down. In recent weeks we have held numerous PR events at home in Belfast and as a guest of Kawasaki Racing Team and Monster Energy in Las Vegas I visited the hosted Monster Energy Supercross, which I have never tried in Jerez, but I am looking forward to returning to the race. ” Ray showed a fight full of tension in Jerez, which has become the stage of the title decision every year, but he never won the championship so far. However, this year he demonstrated his abilities to the fullest.

Both races had multiple crashes in the early stages for both races and the red flag was interrupted. Although it was a battle for rebuilding in both races, when Ray who decided all the start got the first victory of Jerez in the race 1, in race 2 raised the second victory of Jerez. Although Melandri (Ducati) that preceded Mr. Melandri retired in the machine trouble in race 1, it showed the speed that it is sure to overtake even without such a happening. Race 2, which started from the third row on the reverse grid, won the unbeatable run if it took the lead in the opening lap. He won the 14th victory this season.

Other Kawasaki men are 6th and 8th with Sylvain Guintoli who was supposed to participate from Kawasaki Puccetti Racing at the Qatar Games and the final competition this time. Roman Ramos (Team Kawasaki Go Eleven) entered 10th and 11th place, Grindini Racing Team went into 15th place in race 1 and gained points respectively.

Jonathan Rey’s comment: Race 1 (1st place)
“I am very happy to be able to win in Jerez and I really wanted to win before the trouble of Marco (Melandri)’s machine occurred, I ran far beyond my limits to chase Mark.The gap is clogged up and away I was also excited by the fighting battles, I felt excited at the end, I think I feel sorry for him having a problem and I wanted to fight to each other until the end. The first part of the race was the race But I tried to control yesterday because I knocked down and I could not make long runs so I did not know if the tire choice would work well. When I was able to widen the difference when passed by Marco, I thought I was trying hard when I thought of the position of the championship, but I enjoyed running like this. “

Jonathan Rey’s comment: Race 2 (1st place)
“Kawasaki won the Manufacturers’ title today, thanks to not only machines and riders but also all the teams including management and crew chief, we all achieved this result and I am very proud of that. Motivation was higher than usual in the race. Mechanics cheered me just before I started and thought that I had to work hard today. Things of the machine was very good today. This win is I think that crew chief Pele Riba brought in because he was told to believe in front geometry and front tire change, it was a wonderful decision. “

Tom Sykes comment: Race 1 (3rd place)
“I was able to find a good set-up with second hand tires at the end of FP2 on Friday and FP3 on the day, the pace during the race was very stable and we were able to keep it at the end of the race Unfortunately a red flag It was interrupted, I did not seize the usual rhythm and I lost a bit of time and then I had some problems with the gear selection on the first 3 laps and then I made a mistake on the gear and then went straight. Although I dropped it, I could return to the group again and after that the pace improved as well. Chaz (Davis) had speed from free practice, but the top 4 or top 5 time was very close, otherwise it was a tough fight. It was difficult to shorten the gap with the former two people. “

Tom Sykes comment: Race 2 (5th place)
“Kawasaki has made wonderful runs possible in the last few years, and the team system is also great, which is conducive to this result. I think that winning the Manufacturers title is as special as the rider’s championship. It was a gift for their efforts, the fifth place was not what I thought. Today I was struggling with machine setup. Honestly, I could not find the rear traction. While running the machine a couple of I tried the setup and finally settled in the latter half of 1 minute 41 seconds. It was faster than yesterday, but I could not get the grip of the rear why it was a very small problem but unfortunately I used the edge of the tire considerably. “

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